Off-site presentations

off site presentation at Turkovich Family Farms

Off-site presentations

By appointment only.

This program is similar to the Guided On-Site presentation description, with the exclusion of the tour/museum visit. 

We visit classrooms for grades 2-12, as well as events for organizations such as Boys and Girls Club of America, Boy Scouts of America, Kiwanis Club and Rotary Club.

All educational materials, including live raptors, are brought to your classroom or event.

For photos and reports of recent off-site programs, see here.

Standard Raptor Program, 1 hour long = $175
Meet 1-3 of the CRC's educational ambassador birds and learn about raptors. This program can be tailored to your group's specific interests; topics can include general raptor biology, specific types of raptors, wildlife rehabilitation, raptor ecology, and raptor conservation, depending on which topics you would like to learn about with your group. This program is best suited for groups of up to 75 participants in a classroom, library, multipurpose room, presentation hall, or auditorium setting. 
For two back-to-back programs at the same venue (e.g. two classes at the same school), price per program is $150. 

"Little" Raptor Program, 15-30 minutes long = $100
This program is best for younger audiences. Meet 1-2 of the CRC's educational ambassador birds in a shorter, simplified version of the Standard Raptor Program with more emphasis on sensory learning with non-living raptor specimens (wings, feathers, talons, etc.) and raptor games (Owl Camouflage). Recommended for Pre-K through 2nd grade.
For two back-to-back programs at the same venue (e.g. two classes at the same school), price per program is $75. 

Tabling/Booth with live ambassador birds = $125 per hour
Are you running a science fair, nature festival, or other large wildlife-oriented event? The CRC can join you with several of our educational ambassador birds and other educational specimens to help educate visitors about local raptors and raptor conservation. Fee is on a per hour basis, and the CRC can join your event for up to four hours in total.

Plus an added fee of $100 for bringing the Golden Eagle to any program

There is a travel fee of $1/mile for presentations outside of the local Davis-Woodland-Dixon-Vacaville-West Sacramento radius. 

Timing: Programs can begin at 9:30 AM at the earliest, depending on commute time. Evening programs can be arranged, but we cannot bring daytime-active raptors to programs that end after dark. We can accommodate a maximum of two back-to-back Standard Raptor Programs at any one venue.

Area Served: We primarily serve the Davis-Woodland-Dixon-Vacaville-Sacramento area as far west as Fairfield/Vallejo, as far east as Auburn, and as far south as Galt and Rio Vista. We cannot travel more than 1 hour each way (=2 hour round trip) for our educational outreach programs. 

For further information on our off-site programs, please call 752-9994 and ask us to mail you our education brochure.